Lithium Battery Forklift(2-3.5t)

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TEU can produce FLB20-35 electric  forklift trucks for customers. The electric forklift Powered by storage battery, the electric forklift truck is suitable for areas that have high requirements on environmental protection, such as indoor place and warehouses. This forklift truck is non-polluting and energy-saving. It adopts drive system with independent design, low noise and high efficiency. This  electric truck is also equipped with imported motor and electric control units to ensure high reliability of its hydraulic parts. Our company can also customize various electric forklift trucks according to customers' requirements. Lemon yellow or silver color is available for customers.
2 Model FLB20 FLB25 FLB30 FLB35
3 Max.lift capacity kg 2000 2500 3000 3500
4 Load center mm 500
10 Free lift mm 160 150
11 Total length without fork mm 2460 2530 2705 2760
12 Total mm 1150 1225 1285
13 Mast (fork lowered) mm 1995 2075
14 Overall fork raised with backrest mm 4030 4250
15 of head guard mm 2120 2140
16 Turning raduis (outside) mm 2170 2240 2445 2495